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God has a perfect plan. He's working things out for the good of those who love Him! But what happens when we follow our own path? What happens when we get stuck in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes, over and over? This series “Without A King” is a 6 week study in the book of Judges. We’re going to see a group of people who keep repeating mistakes that resemble our own cycle of sin! Even the world we’ll encounter in the book of Judges has a bunch of scary resemblances to our world today. In this book, we’ll see indiscriminate violence, political disorder, objectification of people, the absence of public and personal faith, and the idea that ultimate Truth doesn’t exist! Doesn’t that sound a whole lot like the world we’re living in right now!? Even in the dark stories of Judges we'll see a merciful and gracious God at work, deepening our longing for the one true King - King Jesus. 

part 1 - "THE BIG DEAL" (SEPT 13) Judges 1:1–2:23

part 2 - "DOOMED TO REPEAT" (SEPT 20) Judges 2:10-19

pART 3 - "LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" (SEPT 27) Judges 4:1-24

Part 4 - "WARNING SIGNS" (OCT 4) Judges 6:1–40; 8:1–35

PART 5 - "TRUTH OR CHAOS" (OCT 11) Judges 17:1–6; 19:1–21:25

PART 6 - "GOD IS PRESENT" (OCT 18) Judges 6:11–28

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